Fire gel training day

Trials of new fire gel


Firearms and Stunt Training Day


At our facility we are able to offer in conjunction with stunt coordinators, trainers and ArmouryFX to offer stunt training days and are open to stunt performers on the register and Actors connected to productions that require these skills. 

Level 1 Firearms Training


This is an 8 hour day and covers basic safety and handling, Set protocol, firing position and basic stoppage drills followed by studio time with various blanks and fight coordination. this can be filmed and used as part of your show reels

Level 2 Firearms Training


After completion of the Level 1 course we step up to a more intense training. These days are also 8 hours with more time focused to the action involving FIREARMS. The air ram, jerk rig and squibs added to room clearance, movement and tactics. These can be made specific the needs required.

Burns and Falls


This day is designed to teach FIRE work and HIGH FALLS and has been designed for all levels of previous experience. Partial and full BURNs safety and procedure are the focus of the morning with a full safety team on hand. The afternoon is spent on the AIRBAG with increasing highs offered from the onsite tower. 

Swords, Sticks and Hand to Hand


With the usage of HEMA blades, Daggers and Fighting sticks we will train all variations of fighting techniques within the studio. This is useful if you have a basic or above level of fighting competence. Our instructors can train in many different disciplines. access to the AIRRAM and JERK rig can be used to choreograph fight sequences.

Useful info


  1. For all of our courses there will be a safety officer present during proceedings. 
  2. There are multiple Gopro points fitted within the green screen studio so you can film your day. 
  3. Ammunition for firearms days is 150 rounds per person but more can be purchased if required.
  4. Solo days are available upon request 
  5. Tea and coffee is available but you must feed yourself.